Billy Njuguna MD (Kenya)

Dr. Ogeoma Ukeka

Dr. Billy Njuguna is an internationally known medical scientist, CEO/President of Nature Health International, and Founder/Director of East African Centre for IPT (Insulin Potentiated Therapy) & Anti-Aging Medicine in Kenya. He became greatly irritated with traditional oncology after practicing it for four years with little benefits to his patients and poor quality of life. During his fourth year in medical school, his physiology professor, Lamech Mulha, told him, “If you want to become a good physician you must think outside the box, you will learn from your own patients how to treat them even better.”

After even getting his MD degree, Professor Lamech’s words were still lingering in Dr. Billy’s mind. In 2002, he attended a medical conference in South Africa where he met Dr. M. R. Stone who was presenting a paper on cellular nutrition, and that becomes the turning point for Dr. Billy Njuguna.

In 2002 he established the first Cellular Nutritional clinics in East Africa and he became the first physician in East Africa to become certified and licensed to practice Cellular Medicine in Kenya. Dr. Billy is a Board Certified Oncologist and a Certified IPT Practitioner. He is also the founder and President for the African Genetics Neoplasms Foundation, a medical research-based nonprofit organization, and the founder/Director of a micronutrient project called MESAA community program in Kenya.

Dr. Billy was trained in IPT by Dr. Steven Ayre, one of the pioneers of IPT in the USA, and subsequently received advanced training from Dr. Donato Peres Garcia, the grandson of the inventor of the protocol. In addition to Insulin Potentiated Therapy, Dr. Billy has broad knowledge of herbal and other integrative protocols, having practiced medicine for more than 16 years. Dr. Billy has been very actively involved in the integrative medicine community, including American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), International Organization for IPT, and European Academy for IPT. He also serves as a Board Adviser for Army of Life Savers International. Dr. Billy is a lecturer and wellness consultant in the USA, Africa and Europe in integrative oncology, cellular nutrition and herbal medicine.

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