Corporate Partners

                         COPORATE/PRODUCT MARKETER
a. Product Launch (1 Hour ) N 500.000
b. Presentation  (20 + 10min) for Q/A N 200.000
c. Presentation (10=5min) for Q/A N 100.000
d. Venue Branding N 500.000
a. Conference Hall Rental for 3days N6,300,000
b. Banner for opening Ceremony N350,000
c. Other Session Banner (10) N50,000 N500,000
d. Partial Sponsorship open N500,000
e. Conference Bags and Stationeries for 1500 participants Partial


f. Printing of Conference name Tag N750,000
g. Printing of Conference brochure and Books of Abstracts N1,200,000
h. Pro-Conference Announcement in the dailies (3 slot) Partial


I. Donor item, jotters, filers, Memo

Pads, Mugs etc.

j. Stage Backdrop N350,000
k. Registration Desk and Usher Branded Company T-shirt  for 3 days + 1 Full Page Advert N1,000,000
L. Identity Tags and Hangers with Sponsoring Company Logo or Products 3,000 pcs N1,000,000
m. Welcome Banners/Carpet Zone Sponsoring Company shall  have the Exclusive Right to Mount it at the entrance N500,000
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