AfriHealth Expo 2020 Overview

AfriHealth Expo is an annual event. It is the Biggest Global Healthcare Promotion and Entrepreneurship Event. Normally it comes with Exhibitions, Trainings, Masterclasses, Workshops, Entertainment and Meetings. But due to Covid19 Pandemic we would have only a Virtual event this year, with only Presentations, Panelist Discussions and Adverts.

Date 21st-23rd October. Time is 2pm London time.

This event was carefully thought out in recognition of the undoubtable and prime role entrepreneurship plays in healthcare and to enhance that role, for a more resilient and robust healthcare system in the post covid-19 era.

The event would help to facilitate Healthcare Business Connections across the globe and to create outstanding networking and knowledge sharing opportunities and enhancement of Healthcare delivery in Africa.

We are bringing together some of the world’s leaders of thought in Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, and Finance to present and discuss ways of strengthening Global Healthcare in the post covid19 era with a focus on Africa particularly Nigeria.

About 20 Panelists and 5 Presenters would be participating in this event with at least one presenter and 6 panelists per day in the 3 day event. The event each day would last for at least two hours.

AfriHealth Expo 2020 promises to be as interesting as it would be very informative.

The input and contributions from the international experts and seasoned entrepreneurs in the panel would help to provide insight and ideas to young entrepreneurs and policy makers in different levels of government, to better appreciate how to deal with Pandemics such as covid-19 pandemic in future, for better protection & strengthening of our health care system.

Participating Medical Doctors In Nigeria would get 10CPD Points.

Call For Partners

Organizations that want to be partners to support and also showcase their Products and Services would give us a minute or five minutes video depending on their partnership category. This Video would be played at different times during the event.

We have different categories of partnership. And with as low as $100 you can be a Partner.

Different Categories of Partnership for the AfriHealth Expo:

Ordinary Partners N50,000 ($100)
Gold Partners N100,000 ($200)
Diamond Partners N200,000 ($400)
Platinum Partners N500.000 ($1000)

Gold Partners have 3 slots daily of a minute each for 3days. With one strategic appearance.

Diamond Partners have 5 slots daily of a minute each for 3 days. With 2 Strategic appearances.

Platinum Partners have 3 strategic appearances and 2 slots daily of 5 minutes each.

Send your adverts or videos to

Pay into:
Zenith Bank
Nigeria Healthcare Expo

Or call +2348033392202

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